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Growing Your Restaurant Operations? 4 Things to Ask When Upgrading Restaurant POS Software

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Whether you already own multiple restaurant locations or are seeking to expand your franchise, it may be time to consider upgrading your point-of -sale (POS) system.

Today’s POS solutions are the center of a restaurant’s operations, offering capabilities that help manage all aspects of your business. For franchise owners, centralized management helps you coordinate and streamline operations across all locations.Here are four key questions that will help you select the restaurant POS solution that best meets your growing needs:


  1. Is It Scalable?

Building a restaurant franchises involves expansion and growth. Whether or not you’re at that point, you’ll need a POS system that will grow with your business meeting both your current and future needs. Look for expandable capabilities, such as the ability to add new workstations and locations seamlessly. Centralized menu control will help you easily add, remove or change menu items and pricing across all locations (or just selected ones if you want to test out a new item).

When considering new restaurant POS system, you’ll want one that can integrate with other software and applications. For example, when it comes time to partner with a third-party delivery service, you’ll need a system that can smoothly integrate with your partner’s software.

Finally, restaurant expansion is easier when you can oversee all data and reports across the enterprise from one central location. With web-based or cloud-based reporting you can access this information from anywhere with an Internet-connected device. As the owner, you CAN be everywhere at once.

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  1. What Support and Service Options are Offered?

No matter what POS solution you choose, chances are you’re going to experience periodic technical issues and downtime. You’ll want immediate service, because downtime can cost you in both sales and in reputation. Selecting a provider that can offer local, in-person service can bring peace of mind knowing help is never more than a few minutes away.

A local provider can also meet face to face to get the best idea of your restaurant’s individual needs. They will understand the unique aspects of your service area including traffic, customer behaviors, your competition and local pricing. Your brand prides itself on delivering personal, exceptional experiences; shouldn’t your POS provider do the same?

  1. What is the Total Investment?

Installing and maintaining a POS system can be a significant investment. You’ll want to understand the differences in total cost of ownership between a legacy system and newer software-as-a-service (SaaS) models. The cost of maintenance and technical support for a legacy system is typically much higher, and the inability to update or integrate well with other applications can further increase your costs.

Other costs involved are credit and debit card payment processing fees. And if your system isn’t EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) or chip-card compliant, the liability for fraudulent transactions falls on you.

Time and cost of employee training are also important factors. With restaurant expansion comes new staff.  To reduce employee turnover, you’ll want POS software that has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing staff members to train easily and become productive quickly.

Overall, restaurant franchise owners should look for a provider that is upfront and transparent about POS system costs and payment options.  To avoid surprises from hidden fees, prepare a list of questions to help you understand everything that is (or isn’t) included with the solution you’re considering.

  1. How Will It Provide a Better Customer Experience?

When considering the cost of a new restaurant POS system, think about how it will provide a good return on investment. One of the best ways to improve ROI is by enhancing the customer experience. With tough competition in the industry, your restaurant needs to leverage all available tools to ensure customer satisfaction.

The right POS software can offer a consistent, personalized experience for your guests at all locations and help improve your brand image. By centralizing operations such as menu configuration, you can ensure consistency across all locations and ordering platforms. Offering extra services such as online ordering and delivery can help boost sales. Introducing a loyalty program and developing targeted marketing based on customer data keeps diners coming back again and again. Detailed analytics help you stay on top of trends and behaviors, make informed business decisions, and understand better what customers want.

Recent advances in POS technology can make every aspect of managing a restaurant franchise much easier. If you’re ready to expand your locations and your bottom line, it’s time to look for a system that can grow with you.

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